Spec Miata at NJMP
Spec Miata vs. BMW at VIR
Steve Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Rebecca Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Audi PLM at Road Atlanta
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  • Tire purchasing, mounting, and balancing
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  • Safety equipment
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Upcoming events:
17-19 April, SCCA Majors Event #5 at VIR:
25-26 April, Jim Stark Double SARRC / Double
SECS at Roebling Road: 2-3 May, Regional /
Double SECS, TES, and ECR at Daytona
International Speedway

All results are listed as "in class"
unless otherwise noted.

Buck Muse Memorial at Carolina
Motorsports Park, 28-29 March
Results not yet available.
Steve Bertok, SM
Roger Burdette, SM
Mike Burke, SM
Leslie Pitner, SM
Jim Poston, SM
Adam Siegal, SM
Mike Smith, SM

2015 SCCA Majors Event #4 at Road Atlanta,
21-22 March
Saturday - Dillon Machavern, SM, Q 1st, F 1st
Sunday - Dillon Machavern, SM, Q 1st, F 3rd

March into Spring at Virginia International
Raceway, 7-8 March
Saturday - John Linger, SM, F 11th
Sunday - Steve Bertok, SM, F 19th

2015 SCCA Majors Event #3 at NOLA
Motorsports Park, 7-8 March
Saturday - Sam Barnett, SM, Q 28th, F 24th
Sunday - Sam Barnett, SM, Q 29th, F 19th

2015 Winter Meltdown - NASA at Carolina
Motorsports Park
New Panic Driver, Roger Burdette - Spec Miata
Saturday Lightning race, Q 1st, F 1st

Winter Vacation Double SCCA Majors at
Sebring International Raceway, 16-17 Jan
Race 1 - Spec Miata
Dillon Machavern, Q 1st, F 1st
Sam Barnett, Q 44th, F 29th

Race 2 - Spec Miata
Dillon Machavern, Q 1st, F 1st
Sam Barnett, Q 41st, F 22nd
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